DPH Sturdy Kids Twin Over Full Metal Bunk Bed with Stairs Review

DPH Sturdy Kids Twin Over Full Metal Bunk Bed with Stairs Review

Being wise about how you decorate your home and how much you can save while maintaining a sense of comfort and style is a balance many homeowners try to achieve. These factors are considered very important by homeowners, especially parents.

Finding creative ways to make a child’s room comfortable while still saving on space and money is a difficult challenge. One way to ensure that you have a chance at maximizing both is to consider bunk beds as the solution.

A common misconception about these space-saving beds is that they look tacky and unappealing. The secret to the balance of space-saving and creativity is knowing how to decorate around the bed to make sure it matches the overall theme of the room you are trying to create.

An additional accent like a lamp that’s the right color or some bed sheets that bring together the look of a room will greatly help in making your child’s room look classy rather than tacky.

The best way to ensure that you buy the right bunk bed is to look for a design that’s both stylish and functional. To help you on your search, take a look at the DPH Sturdy Kids Twin Over Full Metal Bunk Bed with Stairs.


  • Thick and sturdy black metal construction
  • Includes full-length guardrails on the upper bunk
  • No box spring needed
  • Stairs located at the foot of both beds
  • Comes in a twin (upper) and full size (lower) bed frame
  • Top bunk weight capacity: up to 200 pounds
  • Lower bunk weight capacity: up to 450 pounds
  • Detachable ladder
  • Mattresses not included
  • Comes in a neutral black color
  • Expert assembly option available for an additional fee


When it comes to bunk beds sturdiness is always an issue. Those who have slept on a bunk bed will know that only wooden bunk beds not susceptible to shaking and wobbling, but the DPH Sturdy Kids Twin Over Full Metal Bunk Bed with Stairs comes does well.

Both adults and kids who have tried going up and down the detachable ladder of this bunk bed have noticed that there is very little wobbling. This further ensures that the bunk bed is very sturdy and can indeed hold a lot of weight.

Bunk beds are normally reserved for younger kids because the metal frames aren’t strong enough to hold older teens and adults for too long. Normal bunk beds bend or break after prolonged use by older and heavier people. This is not the case with this bunk bed.

Although the name suggests that it is for kids, the upper bunk can actually hold up to 200 pounds while the lower bunk can hold up to 450 pounds. This means that both adults and older teens can use the bunk bed without the fear of it collapsing on itself, and that is a mark of true value and a high-quality product.

Another big advantage of the DPH Sturdy Kids Twin Over Full Metal Bunk Bed with Stairs is its very affordable price. Parents can easily fit the bunk bed frame into their budgets while also making sure that more than just one child has a bed to sleep on in one room.

Finally, this bunk bed is very easy to assemble. Have at least two sets of hands working to put it together and your kids will be sleeping soundly in their bunk beds in no time.


Like most bunk beds the DPH Sturdy Kids Twin Over Full Metal Bunk Bed with Stairs also does not come with the mattresses included. This is something to take note of before making the purchase.

Some buyers have been misinformed and were surprised when the package arrived without the mattresses. Don’t let this happen to you and take note that this bunk bed does not come with mattresses and they should be purchased separately.

Another issue encountered by some users of this particular bunk bed is its squeakiness. Some have noted that even the slightest movement will create some squeaking which results in many sleepless nights. If this happens to you, makes sure that you have all the nuts and bolts tightly fastened as this will significantly decrease the squeaking.

Finally, some bunk beds may come with missing or wrong parts. If you notice this, immediately contact the manufacturer for replacements and do not use the bed until all the correct parts have arrived and have been installed correctly. This will decrease the chances of accidents and breakages.


Bunk beds aren’t as popular as they used to be, but once you’ve tried the DPH Sturdy Kids Twin Over Full Metal Bunk Bed with Stairs you will start questioning why.

This bunk bed offers value for money because it is very affordable and reliable. It will help you save space and money while also ensuring you’ll have an extra bed when guests come to visit.

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