Dorel Living Brady Twin Over Full Solid Wood Review

Dorel Living Brady Twin Over Full Solid Wood Review

Many people seem to think that when you choose a bunk bed for your kids you have to sacrifice class and style as a compromise. Although it is true that there are some limitations when it comes to bunk bed choices, especially when you have to stick to a budget, that doesn’t mean all bunk beds aren’t stylish.

If you know where to look and you’re willing to shell out a little extra to get the aesthetics you’re looking for, there’s a bunk bed out there that will fit into your concept of a dream bedroom.

Bunk beds have two main purposes: to save money and to save space. However, this doesn’t apply to all parents as some will still go out of their way to create a bedroom that’s stylish yet still save some space.

Parents who want to create a classy look for their kids’ room using bunk beds often turn to wooden bunk beds instead of metal frames. This is because wooden bunk beds are sturdier and are often better looking than metal frames.

If you’re in the search for a bunk bed for your kids and are willing to step a little over your budget, the Dorel Living Brady Twin Over Full Solid Wood Kid’s Bunk Bed is an option worth considering.


  • Comes with one twin and one full-size bed
  • Easily detaches to create two separate beds
  • Accommodates mattresses without the use of a box spring
  • Includes guardrails and bed support slats
  • Comes with a detachable ladder
  • Easy to assemble
  • Expert assembly available with additional fee
  • Delivered to your door
  • Stylish, convenient, fun, and affordable
  • Space saving bed option
  • Available in four colors: white, black, graphite blue, and gray


Parents and kids often find it hard to agree when it comes to decorating and furnishing their room. What some parents consider as good for a room is often the opposite of what their child thinks.

If you’ve ever experienced this problem, especially when trying to get two kids to share a room, the Dorel Living Brady Twin Over Full Solid Wood Kid’s Bunk Bed might just please everyone involved. The bunk beds are stylish and fun which is a plus for both parents and kids.

These bunk beds come in four different colors, giving you and your kids the chance to choose a color you all like and one that fits the décor of the room.

Kids simply love this type of bunk bed and parents appreciate its sturdiness due to its wood construction. It ensures the safety of your kids while retaining the look and aesthetics of the bedroom, a plus for design-savvy parents.

When it comes to a quality bunk bed the Dorel Living Brady Twin Over Full Solid Wood comes highly recommended by parents with toddlers and young children. The bottom bed is even big enough for parents to sleep on during afternoon naps with the kids or on nights where their kids need some extra care and attention.

Many buyers also love that this sturdy bunk bed comes at an affordable price. Although it is more expensive than the usual metal frame bunk beds, almost everyone will agree that it is worth every extra penny they spend on it.

Plus, it is easy enough to assemble so that you don’t have to opt for the expert assembly option if it is over your budget.


The big problem with wooden bunk beds like the Dorel Living Brady Twin Over Full Solid Wood is that it is more susceptible to cracks and wear and tear when compared to the metal frames.

Although it is sturdier than the metal ones, wooden frames have a tendency to crack, especially when they are exposed to rough housing. Make sure to tell your kids not to put too much strain on their bunk beds as it may develop cracks which can be a safety hazard.

Others find that the installation is too complicated for them. Take note that this is a wooden frame, therefore it will be heavier and more difficult to lift and handle, especially if you are working on assembling it alone. Also, note that some bunk beds that are shipped are missing parts.

If you receive one that lacks crucial parts, contact the manufacturer immediately to get the parts you need ASAP. Sometimes it can take a while for the parts to be replaced or sent due to limited availability. So, make sure to contact Dorel right away to avoid further delays.


There’s no need to sacrifice style when saving space. With the help of Dorel Living Brady Twin Over Full Solid Wood bunk beds for kids, you will have a stylish, functional, affordable, and space-saving bunk bed that will fit your style goals and your child’s needs. This bunk bed has made many homes happier and it might just complete yours too.

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