Dorel Home Products Twin-Over-Full Bunk Bed Review

Dorel Home Products Twin-Over-Full Bunk Bed Review

Buying a home is an expensive investment that adults have to think about before making a purchase. It’s not as simple as thinking of your dream house and building it without limitations. The truth is that there is one factor that is a priority ahead of all others: the budget.

Adults who are venturing into the world of home buying must always have a budget in mind. The budget will include but is not limited to: rent or mortgage, expenses for utilities, and of course, the cost of furnishing a home.

A smart homeowner will always find ways to save money the right way, and one great way to add to your savings is by considering bunk beds as an option for your kids. A bunk bed is a space and money-saving option for parents.

It gets rid of the need for an extra room, which costs more and it also helps make future utility payments a bit more affordable. Plus, kids who learn to share their room with their sibling from a young age usually become closer to one another, and having a bunk bed makes for a fun experience.

If you’re looking for a way to save space and money while furnishing your home, take a look at bunk beds like the Dorel Home Products Twin-Over-Full Bunk Bed. Continue reading to learn more about its various features, the advantages, and as well as some of the disadvantages of having this particular bunk bed at home.


  • Has a neutral black metal finish to fit any room décor
  • Helps maximize room space
  • Fits two types of mattresses: 1 standard twin and 1 standard full
  • Added safety in the form of full-length guardrails in the upper bunk
  • Some assembly is required
  • Mattresses are sold separately
  • Expert Assembly option available for an additional fee
  • Simple, sleek, and stable design
  • Metal frame will last years, even with rough play


When a product has a “some assembly required” warning, many people tend to bypass it because it can be troublesome to assemble. With the Dorel Home Products Twin-Over-Full Bunk Bed, this is not an issue. The bunk bed comes with an easy to follow manual so even teenagers can assemble the bed without any issues.

Another advantage of this particular bunk bed is its size. Most bunk beds are built for younger kids who don’t require a lot of room when they sleep, but this bunk bed allows even growing teenagers to enjoy the bunk bed experience.

Since this bunk bed comes in a standard twin and full-size measurement, kids and even adults of all ages will find that they can fit into the beds without being cramped. A great advantage of having a bunk bed is that it allows you to save a little on extra furnishing.

With the Dorel Home Products Twin-Over-Full Bunk Bed, you get extra savings because it is very affordable and comes with free shipping. The shipping is also a great plus because it is a very heavy product and buying it from the mall then lugging it back home can be a huge hassle.

When it comes to bunk beds, sturdiness is a must, especially for those who are sleeping on the top bunk. Luckily, the Dorel Home Products Twin-Over-Full Bunk Bed is made with a metal frame that makes it very sturdy.

Parents won’t have to worry about the bed collapsing on itself, even when their kids are roughly playing on the top bunk. Plus, the bunk bed comes with safety rails, a definite advantage for parents with very young kids who tend to move too much in their sleep. This guarantees the safety of their child, even while they sleep.


One very clear disadvantage of the Dorel Home Products Twin-Over-Full Bunk Bed is its weight. It is very heavy and it may require a lot of effort to bring inside. With a little help and a few tugs, however, you’ll be able to successfully bring the item inside and start assembling it.

Another downside to this bunk bed is that there are some parts that are hard to assemble. There are areas of the bed that require extra strength and patience to put together, but a little patience and you’ll find that you’ll be done with assembly quicker than with most bunk beds.

Also, be wary of possible squeakiness. Since this bed is metal and relies mostly on bolts to stand upright, the bed may squeak from time to time. The key is to get thick mattresses that will help weigh the bed down and decrease its tendency to squeak.


When it comes to affordable and sturdy bunk beds, the Dorel Home Products Twin-Over-Full Bunk Bed is a product worth checking out. Its black metal frame allows it to blend into any room’s décor and still look very classy. Its biggest draw, however, is its standard twin and full measurements which fit both adults and kids.

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