Bunk Bed or Loft Bed Which One is Better

Bunk Bed or Loft Bed: Which One is Better?

When you were growing up, you probably slept on a bunk bed at one point in your childhood. Back in the day bunk beds were very popular in houses. It was so popular that some kids without siblings still had a bunk bed in their rooms.

However, there was a time when bunk beds fell out of fashion as parents instead chose to give their kids separate beds and even separate bedrooms. The trend of individual beds and bunk beds have recently come together to create a new trend: loft beds. This is a new and innovative bed choice that is very popular with parents today.

What is a Loft Bed?

If you’re not yet familiar with a loft bed, the best way to explain is to think of a bunk bed without a lower bunk. Loft beds are exactly what you would think, a bed version of a loft type house. This means that your child has the freedom to use the space underneath for whatever purpose they want.

Younger kids often use the bottom empty part of the loft bed as a play area while older kids use it as their study area. Whatever your uses may be for the loft bed, it is clear that it is very useful.

With that in mind, it’s only normal to ask, bunk bed vs. loft bed, which is better for your children? To better address that question, here are some quick comparisons between the two types of beds.


When it comes to space-saving, the bunk bed vs. loft bed debate comes out even. A bunk bed can allow two children to share a room, each having their own bed. This allows you, as their parent, to save on the costs of an additional room.

The space-saving aspect of a bunk bed, on the other hand, comes from its multiple uses. Your child can stay in the loft for their bed while utilizing the bottom as another part of the room without occupying too much space.

The disadvantage of the loft bed, however, is when you have more than one child. Even with the loft bed, you will still need a separate room for your other child to sleep in, which can be more costly.

Meanwhile, your children can still use other rooms like your living room as their study or play area. For space-saving matters, a bunk bed wins over the loft bed.

Having More Options

In the case of bunk bed vs. loft bed and having options, there are more affordable bunk beds available than loft beds. This is because bunk beds have been around longer, meaning there are more manufacturers who make bunk beds.

Loft beds, on the other hand, are relatively new to the room furnishing world which means they are limited and not as readily available as the bunk bed.

Another area to consider wherein bunk beds excel over loft beds is its ability to split into two separate beds. This means you can easily detach the upper bunk from the lower bunk when your kids think it is time for them to have separate rooms or when they prefer to have separate beds instead of a bunk bed.

With a loft bed, you will only have one bed which will remain attached and suspended over the vacant area at the bottom. This makes it less versatile than the bunk bed.

Multi-Purpose Abilities

Just from that heading alone, you should know that the loft bed will come on top of the bunk bed for this comparison. When it comes to the multi-purpose uses and the debate on bunk bed vs. loft bed, the loft bed will win.

Since you can make use of the lower portion as a closet area, play area, or a study area, depending on your child’s needs and the space available, it is the clear choice. Meanwhile, bunk beds are just that, a bed that can fit two people in one room without occupying too much space.

Perhaps, the loft bed stands out in this comparison because you can add a mattress, a sleeping bag, or an inflatable bed after clearing the lower bunk when your child has a sleepover. This allows the loft bed to function as a bunk bed.

When it comes to deciding which type of bed is better, it’s for you to prioritize which factors matter the most to you.

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